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We are Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service Provider based in Delhi-NCR and leader in providing Bulk WhatsApp Messaging / Marketing solutions in India. We provide International WhatsApp Marketing and India WhatsApp Marketing as a service. As Bulk WhatsApp Service Provider we ensure you are connected with your customers whereever they are with just Click of a Button!. To maintain ourselves as best Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos - Marketing Service Provider Company and to ensure maximum successful messages delivery within minimum timeframe. We have redundant network of servers to ensure instant upto 100% delivery of WhatsApp Messages. We are an innovative bulk messaging service provider company in pune focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution. And we provide Bulk WhatsApp Text, Images, Audio, Videos Marketing service at lowest rates.

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Why you should avail WhatsApp Marketing Service ?

There are multiple valid reasons why we recommand clients to avail WhatsApp Marketing against other traditional mode of marketing solutions. Below are few key points hope you would be able to relate to these more effectively

  • Conveying information via Image or Video is 10 times more effective then just text words.

  • Send WhatsApp campaigns ensure you get 10 times more attention of prospect lead compare to other types of lead generation products like TV Ads, Radio Ads, Email Ads, Voice Call Ads, Paper Ads & Holdings.

  • Running WhatsApp Campaign very low cost and effective.

  • If number is active on whatsapp you can be sure that he/she would see your campaigns 100%.

  • Save money by sending relavent campaign to traget audiance then broadcasting in mass without knowning campaign outcome. Most of the other means of lead generation service are time dependent.

  • In limited time and efforts you could reach mass target audiance easily.

  • Its easy to run campaigns and you get campaign summary report too online.

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As the on-demand economy escalates and develops, more businesses are boarding to our ship. At TekoSep we care deeply about quality that our clients need.

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You have your dream website but you also need a visionary website development company that can make your website platform independent and can give you feasible outcome out of it.

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Give your buisseness new heights with our marketing startergies and new technologies like SEO,Facebook Marketing,Instagram Marketing,Whatsapp Marketing. Make social web your place for marketing.

Content Writing

Write the best to attract more. Use our most talanted writers to write your blogs, your posts and get people to like it.

Graphic Designing

Design the best graphic, with the most appropriate colors that sooth your eyes and look best in any light.

Game Development

Develop best hyper casual games, and get it all ready to publish with admob integration and any SDK integration on demand. Best way to earn on your own!

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